Online exhibition with collectable fine art with oil and acrylic paint miniatures by #Boris_Gorinov is curated by Petya Chalakova and published to be seen on 5new platform . Visit till mid of December. The art works are part of the heritage collection created between 50s and 80s of the 20th century.


#Art_in_Context is the freshly funded by Breda Cultural Fund project in collaboration with the interior designer Femke Baten. This masterclass will be one of a kind experience for art owners or future owners who are wondering What are the proper ways to fit new and old art pieces in their homes or offices. Keep an eye on my social media for more info.


Art on an affordable prices for Christmas Holiday – a perfect gift for you or for your loved ones. Purchase directly online or come to the spot!
Zeleni Limoni will be part of the warm and cozy this year KerstSTEKtakel at STEK in Breda. There will be presented a new fabulous collection of graphic art works in small and big sizes. But don’t think in B&W, these graphics are full with colors too and they will light up your walls.