The Bulgarian artist-painter, who has produced one of the largest collections of miniatures in Europe, will be presented online on the platform for Bulgarian and world art 5new until mid-December.

The new generation of the public probably knows little about the painter Boris Gorinov, but he remains well known among collectors at home and abroad, and especially among fans of acrylic and oil in miniature format. The artist developed his career in the years between World War II and the end of the Cold War. Together with his wife, the famous Bulgarian ceramist Yova Raevska, he has a number of memorable and emblematic joint exhibitions, as well as many bold artistic projects, mostly with natural elements – cork, seashell, pine cones, pebbles, cacti and etc., outside the borders of the country. The smaller the size of the tile on which Boris places his miniature, the richer and deeper the world seen through his brush becomes.

The ability of the artist to collect a whole composition into a one centimeter template is a testimony not only to his undeniable talent, but also to the way he looked at the world – knowing it “like the back of his hand”. Boris Gorinov remained a cosmopolitan personality until he passed in 1998, bequeathing to his family and the Bulgarian public an impressive collection of miniature paintings that can easily compete with world masterpieces, say expert art critics. The artist’s collection is being looked after by his family and miniature paintings exceed a thousand.

Boris Gorinov, born in 1915 is from Pazardzhik and son of Ivan Gurinov –the painter, portraitist, who lived from the end of the 19th century to the middle of the 20th century. Boris was born with a brush in his hand, and the path to and from art has always been his destiny and love. It was this love that likely brought him together with Yova Raevska in 1944, with whom he had two sons.

Full text see on 5new platform and check the exhibited for purchase pieces by the lovely family collection.