• Photo- and Video shooting and editing for artists and galleries
  • Catalogue design and assembly
  • Artist’s public representations (Bulgarian and English language).

| for artists and galleries | $$ ||


Ask me about anything related to:

  • Buying artwork
  • Collecting artwork
  • Meeting with artists
  • Checking and selecting artworks from Art Catalogues
  • Presenting art

| for artists, collectors, galleries and everyone who loves art | $$ ||


Navigation or implementation of curatorial projects:

  • Offline events
  • Virtual exhibitions
  • 3D modeling for your space

| for artists, collectors and galleries | $$$ ||


From art to business – Extensive workshop meetings, sharing the world of art through the perspective of wise business ideas and effective leading and management models. Suitable for professionals in the art field and for SME leaders that are looking for an opportunity to grow significantly in their sector.

Personal development for artists – Individual mentor sessions with artists for setting clear and realistic goals, building brand identity, selecting a winning strategy, getting guidelines for funding and much more. Investing in yourself could turn your passion into a sustainable career.

| for artists, individuals and SMEs| $$$ ||


  • If you have a personal art story to share with the audience, I would love to meet and interview you (online or in person)
  • If you prefer the written word even more, I will share your story as a text in the Blog. Yep, all the news is on the front page and you can be there too!

| for artists, collectors, galleries, experts and everyone who loves art and want to share it with the world | $ ||


You will find many great ideas and advice that can help you to begin with your own collection. Or maybe you are wondering is it hard to become an artist that you’ve always wanted to be.

All the necessary information will be summarized for you in short video or audio tutorials sharing only the most important details. How cool is that? Don’t miss to get the newsletter too.

Take a look into the catalogue with specially selected works or in space curated art pieces that you won’t see in every gallery! All the art works are originals and with proof of authenticity (certificate signed by the artist).

| for artists, collectors, galleries and everyone who love art | FREE ||


Price is determined hourly according to the task, duration, size of the groups and goals. First consultation is always free of charge.