Save the date 2nd of September 2023 That will be the date to be remembered! In Breda from 11:00 to 18:00, at “Home is the artists” on Stationsplein 44, you will have the chance to not only experience an unforgettable meeting with one of the biggest art collections of contemporary Bulgarian art but also to start your own first art collection with me – Petya Chalakova.  You name it! – from fine art with heritage value (for the most dedicated ones) to the very modern art objects (for the very brave ones). For your first art kit you will also find very nice ceramic objects as well as art books…

  • #Art_In_Context:

    Where art meets interior design, there the love story begins… It is a love story between the interior design and the original art. The setting is in Breda and you are now invited to become part of this story!  The story started as a collaborative work in the video podcast #ArtMatchMakers between the independent curator Petya Chalakova and the interior designer Femke Baten.  Now, a year later, thanks to the support of Municipality of Breda Subsidies culture it can grow into something much bigger. We are organising a live event for sharing the passion and knowledge behind Art matching with the Interior and (why not) Exterior settings. WHEN & WHAT…

  • #Boris_Gorinov Collection of Miniatures

    Online exhibition with collectable fine art with oil and acrylic paint miniatures by #Boris_Gorinov is curated by Petya Chalakova and published to be seen on 5new platform . Visit till mid of December. The art works are part of the heritage collection created between 50s and 80s of the 20th century. See a very little part of the collection here You can make direct order of the artworks via WhatsApp Hear our media story about one of the biggest miniature collections here (only in BG) See more from Boris Gorinov

  • Perfect gift for you or for your loved ones.

    Art on an affordable prices for Christmas Holiday – a perfect gift for you or for your loved ones. Purchase directly online or come to the spot!Zeleni Limoni will be part of the warm and cozy this year KerstSTEKtakel at STEK in Breda. There will be presented a new fabulous collection of graphic art works in small and big sizes. But don’t think in B&W, these graphics are full with colors too and they will light up your walls. Marias World Foundation and ZeleniLimoni Collaboration Catalogue – handmade craft by zeleni limoni


    The Bulgarian artist-painter, who has produced one of the largest collections of miniatures in Europe, will be presented online on the platform for Bulgarian and world art 5new until mid-December. The new generation of the public probably knows little about the painter Boris Gorinov, but he remains well known among collectors at home and abroad, and especially among fans of acrylic and oil in miniature format. The artist developed his career in the years between World War II and the end of the Cold War. Together with his wife, the famous Bulgarian ceramist Yova Raevska, he has a number of memorable and emblematic joint exhibitions, as well as many bold…