Where art meets interior design, there the love story begins…

It is a love story between the interior design and the original art. The setting is in Breda and you are now invited to become part of this story! 

The story started as a collaborative work in the video podcast #ArtMatchMakers between the independent curator Petya Chalakova and the interior designer Femke Baten. 

Now, a year later, thanks to the support of Municipality of Breda Subsidies culture it can grow into something much bigger. We are organising a live event for sharing the passion and knowledge behind Art matching with the Interior and (why not) Exterior settings.


On 2nd, 3th and 4th of March 2023 we invite everyone interested in the topic of cross section between art and interior design to enjoy our open access display in Breda, at Brandpunt, where we will show you up to 10 different site-specific arrangements of interior and exterior elements with original art pieces from five female artists from Breda municipality. The selected talented artists are Melanie Drent, Evi Hogervorst, Hanneke de Leeuw, Daphne Schrijver, Liesbeth Godrie. Each of their artwork is specially selected and combined with additional lifestyle elements, for example: textiles, furniture, home decorations etc.

The exhibition is not specifically about either the original art of interior design. It’s focusing on the collaboration between the two disciplines and how they strengthen each other in the context of the surrounding environment. A good selection of items that can speak and represent our nature is a great opportunity to live in a relaxing environment and to be at peace with oneselves. Moreover, we already know that good quality art can raise productivity levels at work as well as levels of satisfaction and happiness. 

Artworks by Liesbeth Godrie |

Artworks by Hanneke de Leeuw |

Introduce local female artists of Breda

Art in Context invited five local female artists, active in the municipality of Breda to display their original artworks. Their participation aims to promote local female artists among citizens and guests of Breda municipality and facilitate connections and inspire each other professionally. That is another opportunity for the public for networking and actually meeting active and prominent contemporary artists in person. The art pieces will be available for direct purchase at the spot and or ordered later after the end of exhibition online.

Activate the public to actively explore art & interior disciplines

and how they can benefit from this in everyday life

In addition to the exhibition there will be a masterclass with tips and ideas on how to display art in mixed styled environments. The masterclass has a very practical structure with tips, advice and solutions on “How to”: make “grouping”, protect the interior from “overdoing it”, find a good spot for new artwork, connect art with the right color on the wall and many many other hot questions. 

The visitors are encouraged to bring pictures (digitally or print) of their interior and get specific tips and examples on how to display art in their environment. Together with the participants we will explore more in detail how we can benefit and improve our everyday life through the intersection of art and interior design.

Visit the masterclass

During the days of exposition we have planned series of Artists Talks at the spot where for 30 minutes everyone who are interested can meet in person and talk with the artists on various topics such as How is made a recycled poetry, What is the secret behind a painting made with oil paint, How the textile can be the perfect tool to create an art piece and more. 

In addition to the open display which everyone can visit and explorer, #Art_in_Context is also giving the public the opportunity to participate in a completely free of charge Masterclass on the topic of Interior design and how to display art in your own environment. There are some very hot topics which will be covered during this two and half hours interactive session such as light and colour pallets, framing, sizes and more. But you should be fast to sign for you as the sites at the spot are limited to 15 and the rules is “first call, first served”. The good news is that the organizers are also promising an online option for participation, which is also holding some limitation of the interactive experience. So, if you plan to be at Breda centre on 4th of March, between 11h and 13h, better reserve your free spot for the live session already today.

The event is open for everyone who are interested in the topic of the cross section between interior design and art, and also for those who are just looking to explore and tackle the topic, to see how small decisions such as black or white framing can actually completely change the big picture. 

Artworks by Evi Hogervorst |

Artworks by Melanie Drent |

Connect the fields

The passive approach in the showcase, in combination  with active and interactive communication with the public will show us the crossing path in interior solutions and original artworks – where do they meet and what is happening during that lovely meeting. This will give the public and the artists stronger connections between each other, opening the dialogue and giving a good basis to explore the topic further on their own in their unique life experience. 

Art is a fascinating way to express your unique personality in your home or at work. Using artwork in your environment in the right way can help you to achieve higher quality of life in the long term. Within the field of interior design there is another interesting change. For the past years people had to spend longer time indoors and there was most often a need to transform areas in the house as remote working space, additionally to rearrange the space. We can use the art pieces to divide and express these chances in our living areas in a more productive and effective space. All in all the outcome is that it is worth it purchasing original artwork that matches with one’s unique character and lifestyle. 

On short the live event Art in Context is: 

  • Connecting two great areas of people’s interest: art and interior design by doing what we love to do – matching original art works with the environment. 
  • Representing the voice of the art in the ready made context of everyday life
  • Making inside and outside networking, having a lot of fun and enjoyment and sharing with people our passion and new ideas
  • Introducing to the local community active, prominent and successful female artists in the art scene of Breda
  • Gaining practical accessible and affordable “On the go” tips and solutions on specific practical problems regarding our lifestyles and living / working environment,
  • Raising productivity and wellbeing of the persons by making the personal environment more likeable and pleasurable.  
  • Shifting the mindset from “Art is for rich people” and “I don’t understand art” to “Art can be great compliment to home or office” and “There is high quality art that can be on totally affordable prices” 

This event aims to have a high level of inclusiveness for different target groups (sign language interpreter – on demand for the video recording materials, blindness descriptions – on demand for the video recording materials, simple and understandable language, balanced energy atmosphere, colours modulations, sustainability and green approach towards planning and displaying)