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Save the date 2nd of September 2023

That will be the date to be remembered! In Breda from 11:00 to 18:00, at “Home is the artists” on Stationsplein 44, you will have the chance to not only experience an unforgettable meeting with one of the biggest art collections of contemporary Bulgarian art but also to start your own first art collection with me – Petya Chalakova. 

You name it! – from fine art with heritage value (for the most dedicated ones) to the very modern art objects (for the very brave ones). For your first art kit you will also find very nice ceramic objects as well as art books on environmentalistic subjects. And because we care for our new and existing customers and friends, of course the prices will be in consideration with your “after vacation” mood. So don’t miss the meeting with art in Breda on 2nd of September. 

At the spot you will find graphic art works by established and young artists covering some of the most trendy techniques in the field of graphic art such as etching, drypoint, aquatint, lithography, monotyping and others.

Oil paint miniatures with heritage value (over 100 old) by Boris Gorinov will be presented as part of the story behind one astonishing private family collection. For all the classic lovers these are more conventional art works yet with the unique touch by the artist who was born in the East part or Europe and worked actively during the Soviet times. During his active years in the second half of the 20th century there wasn’t much in this region to make the life of an artist easy. Nevertheless Boris Gorinov’s miniatures are full of passion, humor and represent the joy of the simple everyday life in Bulgaria. More about the artist you can find here. 

If you feel yourself more a contemporary art person, Art books and art objects by Iliyana Kancheva with a contemporary look at the topic of environmental and social crisis are for you. Covid-19 changed all our lives. The lockdowns really shifted our perspectives. For Iliyana the time of the insulation undercovered the true look of nature in one of the most popular international tourist spots on the Bulgarian coast. Usually covered with wasted young visitors, these beautiful beaches could finally “breathe” a bit from human intervention. The whole story behind the series Party Animals by Iliyana Kancheva you can see here. You can also enjoy your time in nature till you lay down on one of the art towels with the art book in your hands, somewhere Out of season

For the most practical ones who still cherish the beautiful arrangement in their surroundings we would recommend the art and craft section with ceramic works by Loudmila Encheva. The topic again is focusing on bio shapes. It is inspired by the fragility of nature with its pallet of forms and transformation in colors.

During the event you can also talk with our art expert in person for more advice and ideas on how to display your art works in the best possible way. Let’s discuss together with ZeleniLimoni your future relationship with art on a cup of tea and biscuits in the cozy environment at Home is the artists.

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